De syv ting, du skal se for den ultimative oplevelse

2. marts 2024

Lad os dykke ned i de smittende rytmer af Rio de Janeiro når jeg giver dig de 7 vigtigste ting at se i denne samba by.

Welcome to a fresh installment of “VAGABOND SHORTS” – your go-to for compact, insightful episodes that pack a punch! These are quick listens, little travel treats if you will, designed to supplement the fuller, more detailed travel stories I share each week.

In fact, I just released an episode from Rio de Janeiro where I took you to a football match and on a tour in a Favella. Go find that episode in your podcast app.

Today, we’re diving more into the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro – a place that’s as lively as its samba beats and as breath-taking as its iconic landscapes.

My name is Palle Bo. So, grab your caipirinha and let’s explore the top 7 things to see and do in Rio de Janeiro.

Christ the Redeemer

Where the Big Guy Gives You a High Five

First on our list is the one and only Christ the Redeemer statue. Rio’s colossal Rockstar set on Corcovado Mountain. Picture this: you, standing at the base, gazing up at the big guy with arms wide open – it’s like he’s saying, “Hey, friend, ready for the most epic high five of your life?”.

The vibe is a mix of awe and excitement, as if you’re about to crack the code to some sacred secret handshake. But hold onto your hat, because when you reach the top, your jaw will hit the floor. The view is out-of-this-world – a 360-degree extravaganza flaunting Rio’s lush hills, golden beaches, and a city that never seems to take a siesta. Christ the Redeemer is your VIP ticket to a mind-blowing panorama. It’s like the city itself is giving you a high five, welcoming you to the non-stop fiesta that is Rio de Janeiro. Pro-tip: Get there early in the morning because it does become quite crowded.

Selarón Steps

A Stairway of Colourful Surprises

Time to step up – literally – to the Selarón Steps. This staircase, adorned with over 2000 brightly coloured tiles, a mosaic masterpiece crafted from more than 60 countries, create a kaleidoscope beneath your feet. Climbing these steps is like ascending a rainbow, with each tile telling a story, a tiny piece of global artistry. The energy is electric, with colours pulsating against the backdrop of historic Santa Teresa. Selarón Steps are not just stairs; they’re a visual feast, a quirky journey through a riot of hues that will have you seeing Rio in a whole new light. I did an episode from there a while back where I met a couple of locals and ended up having a lot of caipirinhas with them – right here on the Selarón Steps.

Sun, Sand, and Samba:

Copacabana Meets Ipanema

Imagine a place where sun, sand, and samba beats create a beach bash like no other. Welcome to Copacabana and Ipanema, Rio’s iconic seaside sisters. Copacabana’s soft sands host a Brazilian fiesta by the sea, with colourful umbrellas dotting the shoreline and vendors offering caipirinhas and coconuts. The vibrant energy is contagious; you’ll find yourself salsa-ing in the sand, living the ultimate beach life.

Not far away, Ipanema, the birthplace of Bossa Nova, stretches out as a sun-kissed haven. Here, beach fashion reigns supreme with bikinis and board shorts, and beachside bars blend the smooth tunes of Bossa Nova with the taste of sweet caipirinhas. Strolling along its iconic mosaic promenade, you’ll feel the trendy pulse of this neighbourhood, where the city’s rhythm sambas with the ocean’s sway. Together, Copacabana and Ipanema embody the soul of Rio’s beach culture – a carnival of seaside delights where every day is a celebration.

Samba Rhythms of Rio:

A Journey Through Music and Dance

In Rio de Janeiro, samba isn’t just music; it’s the city’s soul. Dive into this vibrant culture by visiting samba school rehearsals, where schools like Mangueira and Salgueiro open their doors for lively, public sessions. The Lapa neighbourhood, the heart of Rio’s nightlife, buzzes with samba bars and street parties, especially at spots like Rio Scenarium. For a more authentic vibe, head to Pedra do Sal, the birthplace of samba, where locals dance to live music on the streets. In Gamboa’s Samba City, explore the colourful world of Carnival floats and even take samba classes. Don’t miss the traditional ‘roda de samba’ events across the city, where musicians and dancers come together in a celebration of rhythm and community.

Tijuca National Park

Nature’s Gym for the Adventurous Soul

Lace up those hiking boots because we’re venturing into Tijuca National Park – where nature becomes the ultimate gym for your adventurous soul. The world’s largest urban rainforest unfolds before your eyes, a green haven smack in the middle of the city’s hustle and bustle. Trails wind through lush foliage, like nature’s own red carpet leading you to cascading waterfalls – the kind of hidden treasures that make you feel like Indiana Jones in a tropical paradise. So, unleash your inner explorer, and get ready for a workout that Mother Nature herself would applaud.

Sugarloaf Mountain

Not Just for Bond Villains

Next up, we’re going to another iconic peak with a view: Sugarloaf Mountain. It’s a place so jaw-dropping even Bond villains would trade their secret lairs for a peek. You can either do the hike a part of the way (like I did) or see yourself gliding up in a cable car, suspended between sky and sea, feeling fancier than 007 in a tux. As you ascend, Rio unfolds beneath you like a movie set. The city’s iconic beaches, lush greenery, and that unmistakable Christ the Redeemer high-fiving the clouds – it’s a cinematic experience. Finally, you reach the summit, and oh boy, you’re on top of the world – or at least, on another top of Rio. Sugarloaf Mountain: where the scenery is as thrilling as a spy’s plot twist.

Maracanã Stadium

Where Legends Scored Goals and Made History

Last but not least, let’s kick it at Maracanã Stadium. where the echoes of historic goals and the cheers of passionate fans create an atmosphere that’s nothing short of legendary. As you step onto the hallowed ground, you can almost feel the energy of footballing greats like Pele, Zico, and countless others who’ve graced this turf. The colossal stadium, with its iconic circular design, is a temple of Brazilian football history.

Even if you’re not a football fanatic, the sheer magnitude of Maracanã’s history is enough to give you goosebumps. So, whether you’re reliving the golden moments of football history or just soaking in the spirit of Maracanã, this iconic stadium is a must-visit for anyone looking to understand the pulse of Rio de Janeiro. It’s not just a sports venue; it’s a living, breathing testament to the passion and pride that make Rio’s football culture.

And this was where I was in the podcast episode this week. So, go hear the cheering fans.
Next “Travel Tuesday” I have another episode from Rio, where I take you hang-gliding.

Do you have your own Rio revelations or must-see spots that I missed? Drop me a comment and let’s keep the conversation going. If you found this journey through Rio valuable, share the episode with your fellow wanderers.

Until next time, my name is Palle Bo, and I gotta keep moving. See you!


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