Vigtigste værktøjer for digitale nomader

5. september 2023

Vil du få mere ud af dine rejser som digital nomade.
Syv nomader fortæller hvilke værktøjer, de bruger mest.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unproductive while trying to work remotely, constantly switching between different apps, and struggling to stay organized, then you are not alone! 


Many digital nomads find themselves wasting precious time searching for important files and information, leading to missed deadlines and added stress.

Join us as we uncover the essential tools for digital nomads, from the versatile Notion app to the game-changing GoogleTranslate.

Our seven digital nomads are back

Ranika Koneru, Shaun Busuttil, Nora Dunn, Chris Cerra, Gianni Bianchini, Jason Robinson, and Mr. Derek Smith are here to share the truth about essential tools for digital nomads.


00:00 – Introduction

Palle Bo introduces the episode and mentions that they will be discussing tools and resources for digital nomads.

01:08 – Leveraging ChatGPT

Derek talks about how he ChatGPT to capture new ideas and how it has been a huge benefit for him as a writer.

03:45 – Nomadigo

Ranika shares an app called Nomadigo, which helps digital nomads see where their friends are located throughout the year.

04:12 – Google Maps 

Gianni discusses how he uses Google Maps to plan his travels and relies on AI to provide recommendations for itineraries.

07:23 – Rome2Rio and Facebook Marketplace

Jason talks about using Rome2Rio to plan transportation options and mentions using Facebook Marketplace to find accommodations at local prices.

14:48 – Introduction to Notion

Gianni recommends as a versatile app to manage work and personal life. It offers features like databases, checklists, and different viewing options. Although it has a learning curve, it can become a valuable tool for productivity.

16:22 – Google Translate

Shaun praises Google Translate, particularly its photo translation feature. It has been useful for him during his travels in the Balkan region, allowing him to understand signs and communicate with locals and enabling travellers to experience local culture and communicate with locals effectively.

17:46 – Importance of Local Connections

Palle emphasizes the value of building connections and getting a sense of community while travelling and mentions an upcoming episode on this topic and the significance of connecting with locals in new places.


Google Maps

Use Google Maps for travel planning, saving locations, and reading reviews of restaurants and hotels.


Try Rome2Rio to find the most efficient and cost-effective transportation options between places.


Utilize Skyscanner to search for and book flights at the best prices.


Use Airbnb to find accommodation everywhere.

Facebook Marketplace

Consider using Facebook Marketplace for local accommodation options, especially in Southeast Asia.


But when it comes to finding an apartment, Shaun mentions Flatio.


Chris Cerra has a free newsletter called, where you get curated Airbnb deals and special discounts. And if you want to sign up for the Premium Newsletter, where the deals are even better and more specific deals it’s  

Use the code: ”VAGA20” for 20% off the annual membership forever.

The Professional Hobo

Visit Nora Dunn’s website,, for a regularly updated resource of websites to find monthly accommodations around the world – excluding Airbnb.


The Radio Vagabond sponsor,, is also an excellent tool for the best prices on hotels, guest houses, hostels, and apartments.


Gianni uses for structuring his work. It’s a versatile organizational tool catering to digital nomads’ personal and professional needs. It encompasses a range of features, including database checklists and flexible viewing options, making task management a breeze. Although mastering Notion may take some time, it can become a powerful asset, weaving efficiency into the digital nomad lifestyle.


Jason Robinson

Visit Jason Robinson’s travel blog and follow him on Instagram as @TheNomadExperiment.

Nora Dunn

Follow Nora Dunn’s YouTube channel, with tips on travel and travel gear, her blog, TheProfessionalHoboand on Instagram as @TheProfessionalHobo.

Shaun Busuttil

Follow travel writer, Shaun Busuttil on his blog ““ and on Instagram as  @TheShaunBusuttil.

Chris Cerra

Chris Cerra’s email newsletter,, for the best accommodation deals for digital nomads. Use promo code VAGA20 to get 20% off on his Premium Newsletter forever. He’s @nomadaccommodationguy on Instagram

Mr. Derek Smith

Check out Mr. Derek Smith’s website on public speaking. He’s @Mr_Derek_Smith on Instagram.

Ranika Koneru

Check out Ranika Koneru’s company, Cloud Connections, for inspiring group travel experiences to the world’s greatest festivals. She’s on Instagram as @RainbowRani_

Gianni Bianchini

Explore Gianni Bianchini’s travel blog, Nomad Is Beautiful, YouTube channel, and podcast for digital nomad advice and insights. On Instagram as @Gianni.Bianchini.

Palle Bo

Finally, connect with me on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

Next Week

In the next episode with the seven nomads, we talk about how to build a community and stay connected when you’re always on the move. 

My name is Palle Bo, and I gotta keep moving. See you.


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